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Mission Statement

To inspire and motivate those who want change, those looking to enhance their quality of life but just can’t seem to get going. Maybe you think it’s too late?! It’s not too late. THE FIRST STEP HAS BEEN TAKEN IF YOU’RE READING THIS STATEMENT! I battled with thoughts of failure and kept beating myself up by saying things like “I’m 40 years old! Who am I kidding?? I’ll stick out like a sore thumb at the gym!” Etc. I had excuse after excuse and one day, I looked In the mirror and said to myself….”I know I can do better!” At that point I decided to take the first step. So congrats to you for taking the first step! Now let’s get to work!

Let’s Get Started!

Now you can rent or own my workout videos!  Great exercises and tune-ups for your daily (or weekly) routine.